Data Activation Studio

As organizations continue to become more digitally advanced, business questions are becoming more complex and require skillful navigation of large data amounts to get the right answers. Statistics, analytics, and predictive modelling are becoming common concepts while more advanced techniques like machine learning, AI, natural language processing and automation are rising in the market. To stay competitive, it’s important for an organization to leverage these analytical techniques and mine the right value from their data, which requires people with the right skills.

VisionWorks Data Activation Studio is a business engineering team providing value with customized, outstanding information- and simulation applications. We transform your technical information for non-technical audiences through smart data visualizations, reports, infographics, slideshows, and dashboards.

In our Data Activation Studio, we strongly believe that companies need to embrace smart data

PLANNING TO use data analytics in YOUR BUSINESS strategy?

Are you considering implementing data science solutions in your BI processes? Give us a call, we have numerous proven analytical methods that might do the trick.

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Solution Highlight: Match Analytics

One of our existing solutions makes use of a strategy to capture information using a technique known as scraping. This collects information from various web or application sources (such as an e-mail inbox receiving requests or reports) and deposits it into a database. The database can then be potentially integrated into other data management infrastructures. From there, the information is profiled and matched to different categories. Trends in the information volume and content can be examined over time and per category.

To give an example, we have deployed a solution such as this in Ordina to automatically identify, match and visualize consultant requests. Requests are scraped and deposited into a database. They are matched to Ordina Business Units, helping managers act and contact customers about those requests. Furthermore, trends in request volume and content by customer, unit and technology can be examined in an interactive dashboard by management.

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Information architecture

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Big data analytics

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Machine learning &
Artificial intelligence

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On-the-fly simulations

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time series


But where to start?

Thanks to our proven expertise in information conception, user interface design and business simulations, we are able to provide solutions covering customized design projects, workshops, coaching/training sessions, and conference presentations or keynotes.

In our Data Activation Studio we strongly believe that companies need to embrace “smart data”. Smart data is the evolution of the “big data” idea that enterprises have been pursuing for nearly a decade.  Smart data is the marriage between massive data sets and data processing advancements and tools in data visualization, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Data experts for intelligent, data-driven organizations

Our experts have years of experience implementing integral master data management solutions, such as a data warehouse, data mart or data vault. On the other, they also have analytical skills for processing this data to construct models and building complex analytical solutions custom-made for specific use-cases, tailored to the business context. This ranges from development of proof-of-concepts to full deployable solutions. They are familiar with a wide range of data analysis tools.