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In the changing landscape across sectors, organizations have to navigate through a sea of data to arrive at their desired strategic destination. However, it is a turbulent voyage with many new technological and analytical challenges that threaten to capsize a business. To stay competitive, it’s important that an organization’s vessel is being inspected, to identify pain points and implement new technologies, making this data-driven journey less risky and more profitable.

We offer customers an optimized journey across these seas of data by helping them elevate their weak points and bolstering their strong points with data-driven strategies and methods. This may only involve the transfer of knowledge, but may include identifying areas that we can implement a practical solution with your data, improving your current situation.

Our experts have years of experience across sectors capturing, managing and making use of data. They work to understand the pain-points of your organization and see where they can combine their skills and your data to improve efficiency, deliver insights and drive action within your business.

Solution Highlight: BI Training from Experts


As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, business users are being more regularly confronted with concepts about data and IT. Software is becoming more advanced and businesses are adapting to the changing landscape by employing more complex data science and data visualization techniques, leveraging methods like artificial intelligence and machine learning in their solutions.

Our experts have years of experience working with these technologies, and are always updating their knowledge with the latest techniques available. They are used to communicating these skills and training other, less experienced employees to bring them up to speed.



Are you considering the possibilities available with your data? Give us a call, we have many experts with experience across a wide range of sectors that are eager to put their skills to use by improving your organization.






IDENTIFY & IMPLEMENT agile solutions


towards a lean organization

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gain competitive intelligence


use insights to drive action


But where to start?

We can help you select a solution that is right for your organization, your business users and your data. Starting with an intake discussion, we will work together to examine your current situation and identify the pain-points slowing you down. To alleviate those pains, we facilitate a face-to-face workshop for value discovery. In simple terms, we will discuss what you want, how we will make it and what it will cost in terms of time and price for the construction, deployment and maintenance. This way you will have a concrete idea of the value you can obtain from us and how we make it possible.


From Value Discovery to Value Delivery

Once we have established this roadmap, we will begin the journey of constructing your solution. This may be as simple as training your in-house experts to leverage the available software, or implementing solutions that we can provide. This process is facilitated by regular correspondence as we work with your business users. Frequent feedback is important in incorporating your user's ideas and addressing your organization's needs.

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Solution highlight: 3D Building Viewer by Visionworks Ordina

Do you sell a product or service related to your customer's house?

Maybe you need to estimate energy consumption or evaluate assurance risks.

Perhaps you would like to identify potential customers based on their house properties?

For example, all roofs in Flanders must be compulsorily insulated by 2020, this tool can help people to quickly request quotations. Or maybe you want to identify best place for placing solar panels?

What if you could actually take a virtual walk, see any particular house in Belgium modelled in 3D, and find out information about it?

Just have a look at an example for our Ordina offices area in Mechelen Nord: https://hungry-curtain.glitch.me/

Just use the controls to pan around, zoom to the desired building (you can even search for a particular address), or change the view  point.

Want to see info about a building ? With a single click, information such as the building type, roof area, wall area are displayed. Many other information types like number of rooms, roof inclination, land parcel area or distance to utilities networks can be calculated.

And best of all, it is based on open geo-data, so you do not need to invest in acquiring data. All kinds of geo-data provided by Flanders authorities can be added to the viewer. You have your own spatial or non-spatial data that you would like to add and display in the viewer… all possible.

Do you see a potential of this technology for your business? Just contact Ordina`s Geo-ICT team and we can help.