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VisionWorks Community Evening

Dear VisionWorks alumnus/ alumna,

On Tuesday June 25 2019, Ordina’s Business Intelligence & Analytics unit VisionWorks, organizes it’s first Alumni event. We have put together a programme in which we will gain knowledge, share knowledge and recollect memories. We will bring former VisionWorkers and current VisionWorkers together to gain & share knowledge. And we want you to be there!

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Practical information:

17.45h: Reception & Dinner

18.45h: Plenary session by Marnick Vandebroek, motivational speaker

Marnick started his career on the agency side of things to evangelize the world of internal communications and employer branding. After a few years the digital evolution kicked off and he was drawn more and more into the online world, to eventually land at the client side. He switched to Pepsico as a Social Media Manager and quickly worked his way up to Digital Manager, to finish as Sr. Digital Manager Benelux in 2016. Now he runs his own Stand Up Company that helps organizations and people in general, to tell their online/offline stories in the most attractive and entertaining way and transforms their businesses by finding their purpose and shaping it into a story people will want to hear and will get inspired by.
Not by calling out buzz words, but by cutting through corporate bullsh*t and getting things done.

19:45h: 3 break-out sessions
Break-out sessions are held simultaneously in different meeting rooms. In other words, you choose to attend the topic that is closest to your area of interest.

  1. Advanced Chart types & Big Book of Dashboards, Peter Stouthuysen & Gert Kemps
    In this breakout session, we will cover two topics:         

    First we will discuss one advanced chart type and how to create it in different visualization tools (Tableau, Power Bi, Qlik & D3.js). In the previous session we learnt how to create a Sankey diagram in those tools. For this session we give you the opportunity to suggest a chart type yourself. Fill out our form and let us know!

    You will also find a question about the second topic of our session:       
    learning lessons from “The big book of dashboards”. This ‘hands on’ book on creating effective and elegant dashboards is used to exchange learning lessons on how to create better dashboards. Some of the real life dashboards described in this book will be presented and analyzed in depth: how do they answer the business requirements, what are the chart types used, which design choices are made and what could be potential alternative approaches.

  2. Event-driven ETL, Jan Van Humbeek

    So you've been doing your data warehousing in its traditional sense. You have your ETL set up to start after business hours, load all the new and updated data to have your data warehouse ready and up-to-date for your business users when they start work the next day        

    Now, you're asked to take things to the next level, they want to track data changes when they occur during the day so the DWH is always reporting on the latest data. Event-driven ETL to the rescue, as any type of event in the source system will need to trigger only that specific subsection of your ETL so it doesn't try to load your entire DWH every time one source changes.     

    In this session we'll explore the possibilities to set up a metadata-based solution to start specific subsegments of your ETL for any source system event and guide you through how a possible framework would be set up to facilitate this.

  3. Next Level Consultancy: Strategic Thinking, Dennis Herremans

    If we want to be taken seriously as a strategic partner, we need everyone to think at a corporate, strategic level. People who have a vision on innovation, customer experience, digital transformation, etc.          

    During this session we'll have an open discussion about blogs on the subject.

21:15h: networking drink

Date: Tuesday 25 June 2019

Location: Ordina Mechelen, Blarenberglaan 3B, 2800 Mechelen

Participation is free, but registration is required for practical reasons.

Please register by visiting this link.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate and let us know!


Welcome! And hope to see you soon!


Bart Van Mulders

Tom Francis

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