VisionWorks is a Microsoft Solution Showcase Partner

The Gartner Magic Quadrant rates Microsoft as a leader in BI, excelling in both their ability to execute and the completeness of vision.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant rates Microsoft as a leader in BI, excelling in both their ability to execute and the completeness of vision.

Empower your Business Intelligence with Power BI

Microsoft has been an indisputable tech heavyweight in the business world, with as many as 83% of enterprises using Microsoft Office according to a 2017 survey by Spiceworks. This is true, too, for the world of Business Intelligence. As Power BI - Microsoft’s flagship BI tool for reporting and data visualization - continues to grow in scope and vision, they are poised to continue their progress as indisputable leaders in the BI space. This is proven by their consistent ranking as a Market Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant - for an impressive 12 consecutive years - a testament to their titanic capabilities to revolutionize modern BI. This is not surprising either, as Power BI leverages the entire Microsoft BI stack through seamless integration with transactional database services like Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Cloud / Data Factory, as well as other services like Sharepoint, Excel, and much more. Beyond that, Power BI is a part of Microsoft’s recently innovated Power Platform together with MS PowerApps, for low-code development, and MS Flow, for easy task automation. Taken together, Power BI offers tremendous value, but when integrated into Microsoft’s complete enterprise offering, can transform your organization into business intelligence leviathan.

Unleash the BI Beast with Ordina VisionWorks as your Data Partner

At Ordina VisionWorks, our Microsoft BI experts are here to help you get Ahead of Change and leverage your Microsoft environment to wrangle your data for maximizing your BI potential. In 2018 we were declared a Gold Partner of Microsoft, recognized for our deep knowledge and experience helping clients achieve value with the end-to-end Microsoft BI platform.

Now we were recognized for our Power BI solutions as a Microsoft Solution Showcase Partner. Being a certified partner means that our experience and solutions across a number of technologies can make a distinct impact for organizations internationally.


Our Solution: Match Analytics

At Ordina, we support companies in collecting relevant data to make strategic, data-based decisions. With this dashboard, Ordina combines its knowledge of Big Data, Advanced Analytics & Data Science.

From various data sources, open-source and dedicated partner web sites, information is collected and combined into a navigable information cockpit. By means of keywords and text analysis, requests are matched to teams. The dashboard provides a monitor for this matching solution, including a business-relevant overview of incoming request trends, and drill-down capabilities to the level of the raw request data. Using dynamic, live interaction with the data in Power BI, valuable insights are also gained about evolving market trends by customer.

Ordina is not just a vendor, we are your full-service BI solutions partner, assisting through all stages of your Advanced Analytics projects from exploration to development, deployment, training, ongoing support and ultimately your continued success.

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