Life at Ordina


Author: Joris Klerkx

January 2017: And so, it was finally time. After 13 years at the KU Leuven computer science department under the mentorship of the late Erik Duval, I start working at Ordina Belgium in the Visionworks unit as a data visualization consultant. Ordina turns out to be nothing less than a well-oiled machine. After day 1, everything in the field of HR has been arranged and I meet people from my and other units. Open atmosphere… Love it! The week thereafter, I am starting my current client BNP Paribas in the Data Accessibility and Visualization unit where we work on innovative data-driven projects. Bring it on.

My transfer from the academic world to the consultancy life is less than you would expect. Experience in the academic world has proved priceless. My mission is still the same: from 'to augment the human intellect' (Thx Erik & Doug Engelbart!) To Ordina's 'ICT before people'. It made perfect sense.

Everything you do in life should be ‘Serious Fun’.
— Erik Duval

At Ordina I get the chance to work on innovative projects. Constantly, keeping an eye and perspective for an excellent user experience (UX) is indispensable. I give lessons and workshops internally and externally (Big Data), Ordina's kickstarter program, Arcelor Mittal, etc. around the strength and indispensability of data visualization in the big data era.I am involved in research as co-promoter of the doctorates of Robin and Sven at KU Leuven about health analytics and learning analytics and as assessor of Tom’s thesis on learning analytics With Ordina's IEEE membership, we are always aware of the academic state-of-art and apply that knowledge on a daily basis as a solution expert of Data Talks - Visionworks, I develop innovative value discovery projects for clients around intelligent data-driven process optimization. Data science, data visualization and big data are of course the key words: Real data. Real insights. Real impact.

As Erik once said to me: Everything you do in life should be 'Serious Fun'. I find that every day. I am therefore very happy at Ordina Belgium. Thanks!