An Extra-Ordina-ry chain of events

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Author: Thomas de Winter

It has been 2215 days since I graduated. For some of us it doesn’t seem that far away, for others it feels like an eternity. Why is that? At which point people start to say “Damn… tomorrow is Monday again!”?

I guess it all comes down to motivation. Yes, good old motivation! Get too much of it, you get a burn-out! Get too little, a bored-out! The truth is, everyone is struggling to find the perfect balance between motivation and the duration to get things done. If it goes too easy on you, you feel underappreciated. Does it take too long, it feels like drowning.

Ordina, where the word ‘new’ never fades away

Balance, balance, balance. Even the word itself seems to have everything under control. In 2013 I started working at Ordina as a Business Intelligence consultant. I just made some major life changes. Starting a new job, was one of them.

Every new beginning is exciting. New faces, new office, new projects! Normally, when the word new fades away everything becomes repetitive. For some reason, it didn’t happen at Ordina. Almost 5 years have passed and a positive “yes, I’ll give it a try”-attitude in combination with interesting projects, just kept me going.

When the rear-view mirror becomes too small

I strongly believe there is only one way of measuring a company: by counting the amount of opportunities they give to you.

In the past 5 years, Ordina supported me in becoming a BI Microsoft Certified Solution Expert, Scrum Master and Prince2 certified. In the last year alone I became an AWS Solution Architect, Developer and sysops certified consultant and had the opportunity to follow a 4 day Cloudera course in London.  And yes, I do admit, it wasn’t easy but a bumpy road is so much more fun that the boring fast lane!

Two babies are born!

2017 will be a year I will not forget easily. Together with some very clever people, we started a new Ordina Competence Centre around the topic “Big Data & Cloud Architecture”. Big Data mainly focusses on Data Engineering and Amazon Web Services as Cloud provider. During this start-up, I became a proud father of my first child named Joshua. Talking about keeping the balance …

Las Vegas … have we met before?

In the end it comes all down to simple physics. If you kick a ball, it will move.  But putting energy in something and getting the correct result, is not always so easy.

I guess the secret of finding the balance is expectation management. That is what Ordina does best. Being surrounded by people who actually care about personal growth and listen to your ideas, make small wins feel like big victories and convert setbacks into energy boosts.

And to prove that these are not just words, I scheduled my AWS Solution Architect Professional level examination on November 24th. The day after I’ll be on on a plane to Vegas to attend the biggest AWS conference of the year Re:Invent!