What it's like to start at Ordina


Author: Tone van den Bergh

As a final-year student, at the Bachelor Electronics ICT in Thomas More, I was able to complete a successful internship and bachelor's thesis at Ordina.  It all started in the winter of 2016... .

First of all, I was invited to an exploratory meeting at Ordina. Here it soon became clear that I found the proposed project very interesting.  However, I had very little prior knowledge ... . When this became apparent two colleagues came up with a short explanation about possible software packs to use.  After that, I was able to get a better idea of the task. During a second interview, this time with my supervisor from the school, the technical aspects were discussed in more detail, in addition to a further introduction.

On my first internship day, together with the other trainees, I first received an introduction to the company and information about the ins and outs of Ordina. Then we went to pick up our laptops and I could start the project. The first afternoon we went to eat a sandwich together with the interns and a lot of other colleagues. This was a fine and tasty way to get to know each other. This became a pleasant tradition that repeated itself every Monday.

During the first days of my internship it was a bit of a search for the right people to contact for follow-up and information. I missed the overview in the internal hierarchy and had to adapt myself. This was nothing impossible, and soon communication went very smoothly. There was also regular follow-up with my supervisor and the school to manage my internship.

During my internship I learned to use different new technologies. I got to know the Microsoft SQL server stack (SSIS, SSRS), as well as C# and R. I also experimented with Power BI and some APIs. With the help of all these technologies, at the end of the project I was able to achieve good results, both front and back end.

In this project I had to calculate the routes of Ordina's consultants to their clients. These results had to be adjusted before I could present them in a visually appealing way. I was able to display the data visually on a map as well as in numbers. The visual part resulted in a map of Belgium with a flowing red line of the route. The other data was displayed in clear tables with filtering options.

During my internship, I was also invited to participate in post-work activities. For example, I went to play airsoft with a group of colleagues. This was a great way to get to know each other better. I was also invited to "on-tracks".  These are sessions that take place at Ordina with the intention of discussing a particular technology and/or project and/or passing on knowledge about it to each other.

The internship went so well on both sides that from 1 August 2017 I can call myself an employee at Ordina!  Since then, I have been through the Kickstarter process at Ordina. This process was an excellent preparation to get started with our first customer. Here, three other fellow kick-starters and I had the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge in various technologies and to put it into practice. We also improved our presentation and soft-skills with the help of various training courses.

Less than a week after the completion of the Kickstarter process, I got the opportunity to talk to potential customers several times. Two weeks later and a Microsoft certificate later I started at my first customer on a challenging and interesting project. Meanwhile, I'm about to start with my third customer. I have a new challenge, new people to get to know and new technologies to broaden my knowledge.

I am an enthusiastic employee and look to the future with confidence at Ordina!


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