50 Shades of Analytics … Blindfolds off!


Author: Bart Van Mulders

Blindfold image (No License).jpg

It’s been a while since I left Cronos Group and joined Ordina to team up with Tom Francis and run Ordina VisionWorks. And it’s been quite a roller-coaster ever since …

To cut a long story short … in 5 years time we evolved from a post-mortem SAP BW Business Unit into a people-oriented, ambitious, focused and ‘fun-to-be-with’ Analytics team employing > 90 data lovers. passionate about providing end-to-end solutions, elegantly displayed with concise and beautiful visuals.

Focus you said?

Absolutely. But not on only one technology, not as a team, and not as an individual.

We encourage our consultants to broaden their mind and to take a look at what’s going on behind the walls of their ‘good old favourite BI tool’. It’s astonishing to see what happens once the blindfold is lifted …

  • As a (Big) Data architect or ETL developer you will be able to discover the entire Hadoop eco-system, but also AWS, Python, MS Data Platform, Linked Data and SAP Analytics Cloud will become part of your deal.

  • As a Data Visualisation consultant, you will work with at least 2 out of the four market-leading solutions: MS Power BI, Tableau, SAP Analytics, Qlik & D3.js … We strongly believe DataViz in not about a tool, it’s about acquiring the skills of asking the right questions, and knowing exactly how to visualize the answers, turn it into a mock-up, syncing with the business and finally … display the results in whatever toolset is available. There are no bad Analytics tools, some maybe a bit ‘old-school’ … but even then, we will manage to increase our customer’s return on data by creating actionable insights designed to win.

  • As a Data Scientist, you will assist customers in developing the business case for AI, Machine & Deep Learning. The proposed solutions will seamlessly plug into our customer's available infrastructure.

  • At CIE (Connected Intelligent Enterprise), our IoT division, we perfected a unique approach that makes sure your business case is solid, structured and well-known before the first letter of code is even written!

Our goal is to create innovative data solutions and to work out projects that involve different competences. This is only possible if we combine the infrastructural, modelling, ETL / Streaming aspects with advanced analysis and visualizations.

Are you a young graduate that shares our passion, an experienced BI consultant a bit stuck in your existing team or customer and are you ready to broaden your mind? Get in touch with Anthony Coppens, our Resource Manager. Let’s sit together.

It may be your first step in really launching your career …