Find, Understand and Trust Your Data with Collibra


Author: Patrick Verroens


Data is increasingly at the epicenter of every organization, as companies want to become more efficient and data-driven. Also, things are becoming "more intelligent" and need correct data. The data landscape is diverse. Synonyms or mutations of definitions, processes and data products colonize quickly and are not always easy to control. Ever searched hours for the precise data source for a report? Or had doubts about the precise meaning of a given fact? Have you ever wondered who can see, edit or delete which data? Have you ever experienced that a small mistake in a given can have a big impact? Or, vice versa, sometimes wondered if a certain data set is still relevant or not? And that while expectations and regulation in terms of safety, privacy, quality, productivity, traceability, and archiving are high and will be higher. In this context, there is in the first place a need for an point of contact and/or platform for smooth human cooperation and knowledge sharing so that an accessible, qualitative, logical and searchable view is created. In this way a culture of understanding, responsibility and trust with regard to data is created.


Introducing: Collibra


Collibra is an example of a company-wide data governance and catalog solution. The platform offers teams powerful tools that make it easy to find and use different types of data throughout the enterprise. A flexible and configurable solution places people and processes first.

Collibra extends the boundaries of data by giving everyone in your organization the fundamental information they need to quickly generate reliable information at a higher level.

Data governance, connection and catalog... that’s Collibra.

Collibra Data Governance Center

Collibra Data Governance Center is the central platform for the Chief Data Officer (CDO) and all data citizens. To ensure that data is valuable, owners must agree on how data is used, shared and protected. It is an overall enterprise-wide data management solution that places people and processes first and automates data management to deliver reliable data quickly and securely to the users who need it.


Collibra Connect

Once a catalog has been created, active links can be made between data sources, applications, reference data, policies, definitions , reports and other pieces of information. In this way it becomes possible to follow from source to publication and vice versa.

  • Read, collect and connect metadata of existing systems

  • Use integration templates, technology and automation tools in order to speed up value creation.

  • Provision the impact of changes as a consequence of change or new requirements.

  • Automate compliance, track data lineage and improve consistency and quality of reference data

Collibra Data Catalog

Collibra Data Catalog is a single source of information from and for data experts and users who need quick and clear access to the different types of information in an organization. And because they can label, document and annotate in the data catalog, the information is constantly enriched and checked, thereby increasing the value of existing data elements and eliminating data silos.

Collibra on the way

The Collibra platform supports interactions between data managers, business managers and other users of each mobile device


Finally: a personal insight 

I myself summarize the functionalities of the platform by recognizing the words "collaboration" and "library" in the name of Collibra. "If data is the new oil, then Collibra is the refinery," is a slogan from their CEO. I think that comparison is particularly good. Traditionally, refining crude oil is an upward process that leads to a number of energy-rich (semi) finished products that are generally applicable in many applications. The same applies to raw data: channeling and upgrading by defining, documenting, integrating and refining leads to high-quality powerful information with a multitude of applications.

In my opinion, the platform will mainly prove its usefulness in medium-sized to large organizations that are knowledge, information and data intensive and / or complex and that, moreover, are often spread over various locations. I expect Collibra will be particularly appreciated to bring the supporting IT side closer to your company and vice versa. In this way the phenomenon of data discussion, bottlenecks and silos will be reduced. Because everyone has or knows something and needs something, it is more efficient and pleasant to give and take in a collaborative way.


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