Ahead of Change: The Case for Strategic Partnerships


Author: Dennis Herremans


Ordina: Ahead of Change

Ahead of change… It is the new corporate slogan for Ordina. But what does it mean? 
Ordina has always invested heavily in the skills and know-how of its consultants. Last year we had an average of 2 to 3 evening sessions a week. These internal trainings had topics ranging from the purely technical to soft skills, strategic consultancy skills, IT innovation and transition management. The food costs for these trainings were, for VisionWorks alone, a 5-figure number. In addition, each year we have a summer school to kickstart our new hires by complementing their education with months of extensive in-house training. Our seniors regularly attend conferences (often as speakers themselves) where they can exchange ideas with other experts in the field. So, why are we doing all this (and more)? 

Technology is changing at an ever-faster pace. Just look at how tools such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, the SQL Server product stack, Power BI, Tableau and QlikView have evolved these last years. Moreover, the support for and integration for Data Science languages such as R or Python has also grown extensively. These are just a few examples…   

It should be clear that technology is evolving at an ever-increasing speed. 
The only way to keep up with all these changes is to have a large and dedicated team of professionals who follow these technological developments on foot, and who distribute this knowledge amongst one another. 

So, why should you care?

Technological evolution and emergent technologies offer the potential for strategic innovation and allow you to reshape the customer experience. Just look at how mobile banking on smartphones and tablets has transformed the way in which we interact with our bank. Additionally, a website to keep in touch with former classmates is now a multi-billion dollar multinational and an online bookshop transformed itself into one of the world’s biggest online stores as well as one of the biggest hosting companies on the planet.
The potential is clear…
However, in order to tap into that potential “you” need to be ahead of the change. “You” need to be the expert in the leading-edge technologies before they get widely adapted in the market. That is the only way to make the right strategic decisions and invest in the right technologies ahead of your competition.



Ordina BeNeLux has thousands of consultants whose job it is to keep up with technological evolutions. VisionWorks alone has nearly a hundred consultants, many of whom are recognized experts in their fields. We work in every domain from User Experience (UX), Data Science, Data Modelling, Data Warehousing, Data Visualization, Agile, Project management, Change and Transition management, and many more.  
Such a large team of dedicated professionals who transfer knowledge with each other while also maintaining a support structure is all necessary to keep up with the current rate of technological innovation.   
And as I have mentioned, this requires a large investment on the part of Ordina (as well as its consultants). 

So, should you be required to make these same investments? Is there not a better way without losing the potential that these new technologies offer? 


The Case for Strategic Partnerships

Luckily there is… 
You do not need to make all these investments yourself because we have already made them for you. 
It is our mission to be “Ahead of Change” so that we can do so much more than just provide a Data Warehouse or Data Visualization expert. We can be the partner who advises you on technological innovation, we can help shape your new customer experience, we can aid you in your digital transition; not just with expert advice but also with the staffing to transform that advice into a reality. 
That is why we, Ordina, VisionWorks, and our consultants invest so heavily to be “Ahead of Change”. If we are “Ahead of Change” than you do not necessarily have to.  

With a strategic partnership we can be right there at your side to help you make the right strategic decisions and invest in the right technologies. We can move forward together.  



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