Internship Experiences: A Pizzabox Notification System for Ordina


Author: Sammy Puttemans

Edited by: Iris van Bussel


Is the question “When will my pizza arrive?” a question that pops in your head when you have ordered a pizza?

 This is the question that will finally be answered by my project. I have built a smart system as part of my internship for Ordina. Because of this system, you will not have to wait for your pizza anymore. In short, the system will make sure to send a personal notification when your pizza has arrived at the office. This system works with a pizza box recognition built in a camera. If the camera detects a pizza box, it will send the right customer an email and text message.

A very recognizable situation within Ordina is waiting at the reception until your pizza is delivered. From now on, every employee can continue his/her work. The employee will receive a personal message when the system recognizes a pizza box. As the user, you will get both a text message and an email confirmation. The pizza box is recognized from a distance, so the employee has the time to go downstairs to the reception when he or she receives the notification.

As a company, this is a cost saving solution. It can be seen in two ways. First, the reception clerk can go home earlier since there is no need to stay for receiving pizzas. As a result, this will save some costs to the company. However, an employee might think “I can keep waiting for the pizzas by myself.” This way, time is lost since the employee does not continue working. By using the Pizza Delivery Notification System, the employee can continue his or her work and the reception clerk can go home earlier. Thus, a win-win situation!  

 The person who ordered the people will receive the notification. He/she receives a nice e-mail when the camera has recognized the pizza box from a distance. Nevertheless, an employee might not always check outlook for new e-mails or might miss the message by accident. We also provided a solution for this problem. A message will also be sent to your mobile phone when your pizza is delivered as well, since we cannot live without smart phones nowadays. These steps all help Ordina employees enjoy their pizzas faster.  

More than one use case..

Since this implementation was built in two different ways, it can be used in other places as well.  For example, I wrote my first project in c #, and I created a nice interface of who ordered a pizza and whether it was delivered or not. The second part of the project was a bit more high-teach. This was the visual implementation of what the camera perceives. The camera will take pictures every five seconds and then evaluate those pictures to see whether a pizza box is present. If a pizza box is present, the user gets send an email and text message. Since the pizza box is visually indicated by the system, the administrator can check whether the system is working properly. However, it is not possible to see if there are other people who ordered pizzas on the waiting list.  Thus, you cannot see whether someone else has ordered any pizzas.  


In the future, this system can develop even more. Both steps of my project can also be retrained. For example, you might want to let the system recognize more than only pizza boxes. Another option might be to insert an implementation for customers here. The camera could be trained to recognize persons and send the right Ordina employee an email when his client is at the reception. This means, the reception clerk will not have to send out an e-mail. You would also be able to train the system to recognize different packages so a user could be notified when a package has arrived for him/her at Ordina.  

To conclude, I do not want to put me and my implementations all in the spotlight. My goal was to improve the user’s day-to-day life and save Ordina costs by using this system. This is just the beginning of all the automation that could happen. The system is ready to expand to other object recognitions. Thus, your life at Ordina will be improved by making it easier for everyone involved. Finally, I don't want to put my project in the spotlight. But I want to improve the user's life and save him costs by using this system. This is just the beginning of automation. And this system is ready to expand to other object recognitions. And so we help you improve your life.


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